If You Don’t Have Anything Else To Sell To Your Customers: Find It

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Ben and I have been putting together marketing for all the other things we have to sell – printing products.

We’ve been able to do these things all along. We just haven’t been focused on marketing them over the first couple of years because we’ve been busy getting our newsletter marketing and production working for us.

Now that is pretty much locked down, it’s time for us to get to work on the other products we can deliver to our clients.

This brings us around to a lesson for all businesses – the facts are, there is a pile of untapped products and services that you should be promoting to your customers.

If you aren’t happy with the value of your customers, then it might be time to go and get some more products and services that solve their problems.

Different customers will pay for different levels of service to solve the same ‘problem.’

Some will pay a small sum for the tools to do it themself.

Others will pay large sums for you or a supplier to do it for them.

Others just need to know how to solve the problem and can then solve it themselves.

There are lots of ways to skin that cat.

And that is just for one ‘problem.’

So don’t limit yourself to coming up with the products and services in-house. You can also source them from other suppliers.

The beauty of that is you act as a broker, and as long as you select good suppliers then the sales and marketing is all you need to do in order to get the money to flow.

There are always more things to do with your existing customers. Doing this helps keep them engaged, it helps to keep you relevant in their eyes and it also may help them to realise about that there are solutions to things that they never thought of as problems before.

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