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Who Do You Want As A Supplier?

I had one of the worst customer experiences of my life over the last 6 weeks. The ‘6 weeks’ should give you a clue about how bad it was. For those of you who don’t know, I am incredibly lazy about shopping – so I will preferentially order goodies online rather than deal with finding…
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3 Paths to Become an Obvious Expert in Your Industry

There is an ever increasing amount of competition in every business category. Can you believe that internet marketing is now being sold door-to-door and on the phone by Sensis media agents. More and more so-called experts are cropping up every day. Many are in it for a quick buck. Nobody can really tell the good…
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Lessons From my Last Trip to a Pitch Fest

My last Trip to a Pitch Fest. And the Valuable Insights into a Market Although there is a bit of lag between when you read this and my trip to the Richard Branson/21st Century Education Multi-speaker, multi-day endurance contest, I did learn a valuable lesson on how to get real value out of those events.…
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