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“Can You Make The Logo Bigger?”

You would not believe how many times per week I am asked “Can you make the logo bigger?” It seems no matter how big a logo is already, people always want it bigger...But that’s not always a good thing. But first off, I’ve got to admit that this was me back in 2005 with my…
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Who Do You Want As A Supplier?

I had one of the worst customer experiences of my life over the last 6 weeks. The ‘6 weeks’ should give you a clue about how bad it was. For those of you who don’t know, I am incredibly lazy about shopping – so I will preferentially order goodies online rather than deal with finding…
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Plan Before You Print

I often get businesses asking me for quotes on batches of flyers and I’ll ask the question: “What is the purpose of them?”  and more often than not I receive a blank stare and silence… It’s a little nuts, but a lot of small businesses want to have ‘generic’ flyers to hand out like business…
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