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The Up-Sell vs The Cross Sell

Now this is kind of interesting – most marketers and entrepreneurs are in fact a little hazy about the difference between an up-sell and a cross-sell. There is a power in clarity of language – it means we can think more clearly about the opportunities in front of us. Napoleon Hill was fond of saying…
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If You Don’t Have Anything Else To Sell To Your Customers: Find It

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Ben and I have been putting together marketing for all the other things we have to sell – printing products. We’ve been able to do these things all along. We just haven’t been focused on marketing them over the first couple of years because we’ve been…
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Lessons From my Last Trip to a Pitch Fest

My last Trip to a Pitch Fest. And the Valuable Insights into a Market Although there is a bit of lag between when you read this and my trip to the Richard Branson/21st Century Education Multi-speaker, multi-day endurance contest, I did learn a valuable lesson on how to get real value out of those events.…
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